Animal research

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Animal testing

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Animal Research Statements

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Hoop and Biobehavioral Reviews, 35 3. Introduction Grading System Statements List Introduction This page provides links to the policy statements or public web pages on animal research for institutions (and counting).

Use Ctrl+F to search for your institution. The list is incomplete, if your institution has a page but is not listed, please use the form below to inform us. Facts and information about Animals of the World. To conduct the research needed to improve medical care, we sometimes have to work with animal models.

Studying animals is still the only scientifically viable way to get some of the knowledge we need to improve human health, and indeed the health of other animals that benefit from veterinary care. Animals in Science / Research. Home; Research; Proponents of animal research are varied and well funded.

Animal Facts

Their lobbying interest reflects concern for profit while throwing compassion and even human health to the wind. NEAVS’ principled actions and compassionate commitment have an impact on the public, science, and government. The Large Animal Research Station's responsibility is to maintain a healthy colony of muskoxen and reindeer for nutritional, physiological and behavioral research.

In fulfilling the goals it serves excellence in research and education in high-latitude biology and provides faculty and students the facilities for and expertise in maintaining colonies of large animals.

Animal Research by Species

This page serves as an index of all our scientific posts describing research which has used animal models. We have categorised them by species.

Why Animals are Used

Use the links below to jump to the section you want. Also check out our Research Indexed by Disease. Amphibians and Reptiles Birds Cats Cattle Chimpanzees Dogs Ferrets Fish Fruit Flies Gerbils.

Animal research
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