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If You Trust Big Corporations, Don’t Read This

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In psychology, we know people don’t always think through their decision-making in a rational and linear way when placed under situations of stress. May 14,  · Again: Boys don't read. It has become conventional wisdom in publishing for children and teens that girls will read a book with a boy on the cover, but boys won't read.

But my bet is that virtually everyone that read my title proceeded to read the post. It's an example of reverse psychology--I tell you what you shouldn't do to ensure that you do it. Don't pick up the huge books, if you know that you'll never have the time or energy to finish them.

We read books for many reasons, but you don't have to feel that it's an. Do not automatically mark as read.

When quickly going through my emails, often I haven’t actually really read the emails but Outlook already marks them as read. This is quite confusing unless I mark them as unread again which takes more time and defeats the purpose of quickly going through my emails.

Grey days and fractured hearts need rich, bright books.


They need books that fill your soul, written in language that soothes your soul and brings you back to a point of heart-whole strength. When you don’t know what to read, you should read something that makes you remember why you read in the first place.

Dont read
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