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My Chemical Romance.

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My chemical romance essay

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Gerard Way

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My Chemical Romance Paper

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September 11,this day affected many peoples' lives, and would have an everlasting effect on Gerard Way, singer of My Chemical Romance, who was in New York on that day and watched from.

Something In The Way: A Q&A With My Chemical Romance

Something In The Way: A Q&A With My Chemical Romance. You love drawing and writing and creating and separating that from your music is going to kill it for you, so you have to join the two.”.

My Chemical Romance is a pop/punk band. It is debated however, what genre of music it truly belongs to. Some people argue it belongs into the "emo" genre, others say "pop". Haley Cross Mrs. Neff LA9G3 8 March The Great Allusion Hunt The reference to Shakespeare’s work I’m using is the song “The Sharpest Lives” by My Chemical Romance.

My Chemical Romance.

As the frontman of My Chemical Romance and the author of the comic series The Umbrella Academy, Gerard Way is a busy certainly knows what it’s like to have too much on his plate. Jan 02,  · Best Answer: my chemical romance: My Chemical Romance", a band hailing from Newark, New Jersey, is not your typical rock band.

They all claim to have grown up in strange households over the years, which may have influenced some typically "strange" behavior coming out of this rock group sensation.

My chemical romance essays
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