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Kabila was exited in on a key platform of prices to require out corruption and continue health, education, housing, employment and pretty. Congo can be counted among five country largest producer of mineral resource in the world, but the people are starving, perishing and running away from the country.

I am one who ran away from Congo, my country that I really love. In the right sidebar you’ll usually find the “Internet TLD” (internet top level domain) for the country in question.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Good luck! Please report corrections to our list. Nov 11,  · Democratic Republic of the Congo. DRC suspends efforts to fight Ebola in Beni after deadly violence.

The Democratic Republic of Congo

Health ministry condemns violence in eastern city. Use this tool to find country or territory-specific facts and regulations that may affect your international shipment.

Required fields are indicated with. My country Congo; My country Congo. To start with, Rwanda is one of the aggressor countries. Inthe Rwanda Army went in the east of Congo. Their motifs were to track the persecutors of genocide committed in Rwanda.

Some of these persecutors fled to Congo in refugee camps. But the fact is few years after the Rwanda army occupant. Congo premier Patrice Lumumba waves in New York in July after his arrival from Europe.

Photograph: AP Congo's first democratically elected prime .

My country congo
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