Research work on peace education

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Peace education

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William Peace University

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Enright's research studies. Education for Peace A resource guide for educators and grateful for the work of our senior research fellows Arthur Romano and Laura Simms and in this booklet serve you well in your peace education work.


May our efforts expand the presence of compassion in our world. Peace education students need to understand the way national security systems work so they can begin to conceptualize alternatives to war that will keep the nation safer in the future. The publication was inspired by Verma’s work in the community and in the classroom, and her passion for teaching social studies education and peace studies at Adelphi University.

Verma received her Ph.D. from the School of Education’s departments of Educational Policy Studies and Curriculum and Instruction in • Resources and information about education for peace, human rights, democracy, international understanding, and tolerance in Canada are now widely accessible on the Internet.

Peace education

Free Elementary Online Albums for Montessori Great Lessons (Helpful for a Peace Education Curriculum) Lesson ideas and links for the Great Lessons from Miss Barbara. Free albums from Cultivating Dharma.

Peace Shelf, Tray, or Table.

Department of Peace and Conflict Studies

Adapt your peace education area to the space you have. It can be effective whether it’s a shelf, tray, or table.

Research work on peace education
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