Understanding renaissance

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Renaissance Accelerated Reader

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Hellenistic Monarchs

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Tips to Understanding Renaissance Paintings

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Renaissance art uses the same device and for the same purpose, even though you’ll seldom (if ever) find a Renaissance spacescape. But when you see a representation of The Madonna and Child or of the Crucifixion, the use of distinctly horizontal or vertical lines is clearly emphasized.

Next time you visit a museum or see the art of the Renaissance in Italy, you might find these tips to understanding Renaissance paintings helpful. 1) Look for the use of line.

Linear perspective was created during the early Renaissance in the first part of the 15th century. Boost your understanding of the Renaissance with this collection of fun video lessons and self-assessment quizzes.

Access these study resources at any time to get ready for upcoming exams, complete assignments or learn more about Renaissance history for fun.

Caroline has published widely on Italian Renaissance art, and her past exhibitions include Bellini and the East and Love and Marriage in Renaissance Florence. Jonathan Jones writes on art for the Guardian and was on the jury for the Turner prize.

Understanding renaissance
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